KÜNSTLER/INNEN AUS ISRAEL, 18.03. - 02.04.2023

Varda Breger
The name "Stories" is based on the main theme of the exhibition - storytelling, the concept of telling any story through art.
What these stories are about, by whom they were created and to whom they are addressed, the collected exposition reveals.
The main task of artists is to show the inseparable connection between the past, present and future and all aspects of artistic creativity: sensuality, conceptuality, philosophy are the necessary components of contemporary art. Each exhibit, from painting, graphics and photography, they all create integrity, complementing, but not interfering with one another.
All participants of the exhibition are members of the Union of Artists Art Unlimited, of different ages, education and creative roles.
Everyone tells their own story. Some invented the story themselves, others draw inspiration from books, and some stories from real events that took place in the past or present, but there are also fantastic stories that are only a figment of the imagination.

Adi Lerner, Batyah Gazit, Eyal Moyal,
Yona Kaminsky, Liber Gantman, Varda Breger,
Leah-Larisa Dizlarka, Dorit Mendelson,
Ora Tenenbaum, Nirit Gilad Ovadia,
Michal Zakai, Marie Rosenbloom ,Tamar Rich-Helviz,
Shoshi Menashe, Jean-Yves Amouyal

Opening on March 18 at 6pm - 9pm
Additionally open on March 19. from 12 to 5pm