Horror Vahui
Alexej Tchernyi was born and raised in Kharkov where he began his artistic education, which he continued at the Art Institute in Kassel and at the Film Institute in Potsdam. He lives and works in Berlin. Participates in exhibitions in Europe, his works are exhibited in several museums in Germany.
Alexej Tchernyi works in unique, innovative techniques, addressing both classical subjects and contemporary themes. The artist called his exhibition at the Vinogradov Gallery "Horror Vahui", referring both to the Latin Horror Vacui - "fear of empty space" and to the modern English-Russian "horror of incomplete clarity". The title can be explained in the spirit of McLuhan (Media is the Message) by the peculiarity of the creation of the works - masterfully feeling the material, the artist scrapes the drawing out of the white space of the paper sheet with a razor blade, literally endowing the white emptiness with meaning, not adding material but cutting off the excess whiteness, adding, in fact, even more emptiness. The drawing itself becomes truly visible only when a light source is placed behind the sheet and draws the viewer in with the mystery of its appearance. It is difficult to explain it without direct observation of the work, it turns out to be a terribly incomprehensible thing, a pure "Horror Vahui", but this is life itself, which comes out for a moment to the light at the call of existence from nothing and goes into the void.

Samstag den 16. September von 18 bis 18:07 Uhr Vernissage